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Learning to Embrace the Journey

Lindsay Tarpley was a world-class athlete who was once hailed as the future of U.S. Women's Soccer.

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Her Story

Lindsay’s trajectory was one for the history books, proving success at the youth, collegiate, professional and international stage, standing atop podiums with gold medals, championship wins and titles earned. But, Lindsay never stopped and took the time to embrace and enjoy those moments and looked only to the next goal. 

“My best quality was also my worst quality,” Lindsay says. 


In this thoughtful presentation, Lindsay shares with her audience her journey, offers incredible insight into how you can find the joy and satisfaction that she found so elusive, even with the accolades that should have brought elation, yet it was never enough.


Lindsay enjoys catering her keynote to various groups to share her message of the intersectionbetween peak performance with mental wellbeing. 

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Topics Include:

Peak Performance

Mental Wellbeing



Succeeding Under Pressure



Overcoming Obstacles

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"Lindsay immediately drew in the audience with her sincerity and openness. She kept our attention through the interesting stories of her soccer career, while making parallels to lessons we can all use in our business and personal lives. She was professional, polished, engaging, and delightful to work with. She handled the audience questions with poise and diplomacy and started our evening on an inspiring, positive note."
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